About Me

About Me


I've been translating product strategy into great products for over 10 years.

My experience is mostly in UX and UI Development, but also a bit in product management, project management, and QA, and I have a master's degree in user-centered design.

I've worked on products at every stage—from starting Assemble and building the product completely from scratch, to shifting the focus of the established Spiceworks community site to be more social and engaging, to improving matured products at Avention.

Through the years, I've worked with some awesome people, and some of them have said nice stuff about me :)

Will’s style and elegance in product design and relentless focus on delivering a superior user experience is second to none. Those aren’t just words, you can see it and feel it in the product.

I’d jump on the next opportunity to work with Will. He’s one of the best.
— Trent Miskelly, VP of Product & Engineering, Assemble
Will can take a really complicated problem or process, boil it down to its essentials, and organize it into easily manageable and deliverable chunks like no one I’ve ever seen. A great UX sense and a clear understanding of how to separate the best-case-fantasy and the actually-possible-reality of an idea.
— Jeff Keen, UX colleague from Spiceworks, Assemble
Will embodies the purest form of user-centered design practices, and the results he achieves for his organizations are proof of that.

I would relish the opportunity to work with Will again, and recommend him highly for future UX leadership roles.
— Jessica Wood, UX Design Lead, Real Massive


I like classical music and sports. Completely normal.

I also have a fantastic wife and kids. We go to Croatia sometimes to see my wife's family...and because it's wonderful.

Assemble + iSqFt (2015-16)

Assemble + iSqFt (2015-16)